Wednesday, June 6, 2007

QAF (Questions Asked Frequently)

Lately, it seems, there have been many repetitive questions tossed in my direction. Mainly questions concerning my sanity and "what are you going to do if it rains?" So here it is folks. Without any further adieu, some answers to 'questions asked frequently.' (Each question will be paraphrased to maitain the questioners privacy and not to embarass them for asking such silly questions...any names given are false and are also used as means of privacy protection)....

1. "How many miles is the who thing and how long will it take you?" - VDOT sign turner
"It's about 4,426 miles and I should be done by August 5th..." - Michael

2. "What if it rains?" - Eeore
"Then I get wet." - Michael

3. "Are you going to bring a knife or a gun?" - Chuck Norris
" Guns scare me and the only knife-like object I'll have is the handle to my spork." - Michael (I'll have pepper spray though...just as good right?)

4. "Why are you doing this by yourself?" - The Lone Ranger
"Because no one else has expressed interest in going and the timing didn't time out right." - Michael

5. "Is there a specific route you'll be following?" - Christopher Columbus
"Yes. Adventure Cycling Association issued maps, and are the ones who started the whole thing back in 1976. Anyways, I have their lovely color maps and having scheduled getting lost into my daily routine...yet. Maps are very organized, show mileage in each grid, an elevation profile, what each town contains (library, food store, etc), places to camp and avg rainfall/temp throughout the year for that area." -Michael

6. "Where are you going to sleep?" - Hotel Clerk
"Bringing along tent and plan on settin up camp in a designated campsite or anywhere else I can manage to pitch a tent without being labeled as a trespasser." -Michael

7. "How much gear will you be taking?" -My Bike Racks
" Carrying about 20-25 lbs of gear. Will have handlebar bag and two panniers in back with ability to load gear ontop of seatpost rack. Main gear I'll be taking are various forms of clothing, cooking stove, tent/sleeping bag/sleeping pad, water/food, spare parts...and most and some flies." -Michael

...well, ya'll get the idea.

Bike is gettin dropped off and boxed up on Tuesday, June 12th and mailed off via UPS the next day.

That's all I got for now.


Pat said...

Good answers but we will still be worrying a little bit you know...

Loretta said...

you are a silly goose - not to mention a smarty pants. Don't forget "what will you eat!!!??" should you come home weighing less than you already do, I will be divorcing you! MWAH!

Aaron said...

if you get board, just sing 'eye of the tiger' as loud as possible.
bring a camera if you have the space, pictures would be cool.
good luck.