Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 12 (7/4): Missoule MT (0miles, day off)

So yeh...a day off to do nothing to requires any form of physical exertion, except that which to type words onto the computer monitor....

Some information for any one who's been losing sleep lately from not knowing:

1: Total trip miles so far: 1,058 miles
2: Total days of trip: 12 days (11 days biking, 1 rest day)
3: Avg hours on bike each day: between 6.5 hours and 9 hours
4: Avg costs per day: around 8-13 bucks (mainly for food/restocking)

5: Miles from Missoula, MT to Boulder, CO: 1,000 miles
6: For anyone who I emailed the itinerary use in following it anymore...I've revised schedule, will still be done at same date, just tossing the miles around in different ways to increase days I can ride with Stephen and so forth
7: If anyone has tried calling me lately I most likley have not answered (as you've might have guessed by lack of a "hello"..this being blamed on patchy reception areas through most of Oregon, Idaho.
8: I really need to do laundry.


Kirk said...

I just spent an enjoyable few moments reading all of your entries. Your accounts brought back all kinds of fond memories from my own trip as you recounted the names of towns and spots on the map that are hardly worth the name. With many of your pictures I could even remember exactly what I was doing at the same location. Many congratulations on your journey. I am pleased to hear of your progress and have delighted in the events that can only happen on such an undertaking. The herding of the cattle had me in stitches of laughter. I look forward to continuing the following of your trip and wish you all the best.

May the wind be at your back, and the RVs give you wide berth,

Pat said...

Michael - All of us Yankees are following your journey and loving it!!!! Thanks for the updates. We are going to stuff you full of food and drink every night while we are in Maine and we want to hear all of your stories!!