Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Kansas Pictures....

Well...you all can connect the dots on your own.....but I sure wouldn't have been able to jump over that.
A typical Kansas stretch of road...this was evening I was riding into Cassody and looking back west towards road freshly traveled over.
Sunflowers for everyone!


Pat said...

Michael - I am papering my hospital office with your postcards, telling your story to everyone!!! I love these latest pics - I would love to photoshop them into black and white! Keep peddling through Kansas - you need to get to OZ. Less than 2 weeks to go - right?

Lugosi said...

Any pictures of Dorothy or Toto?

Donna said...

While I miss the days when you and Stephen were biking together, I am glad to see you both making such good progress. And for Stephen's sake I am grateful that you call him when he has road hazards ahead. I admire your fortitude. Keep eating!
Stephen's mom