Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 28 (7/20): Scott City, KA to Larned, KA (121 miles)

Days mileage: 121 miles
Rolled out of Scott City early on hoping to ride thru some cooooool temperatures for the time b eing… worked…for the time being.
Same old story folks….headwinds, hot temperatures, Kansas terrain, identical looking Kansas towns (I’m rushed here in library so just jotting stuff down from past few days)
Met a guy who’s raising money for diabetes awareness later on in the day…good to chat with him about this and that, that and this.
Also, the fence posts out here are made of solid stone..not stones stacked up on another but a solid piece rather…pretty coooool.
Hmm..what else..
That’s it for that day…long and hot and wondering if I would ever gain get out of Kansas…slept in the towns park in Larned..there was a nice looking duck pond and another xc biker who was heading east….though at a much more leisurly pace (35-50 miels/day)….mosquitos attacked me while I ate dinner…the usual…

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