Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 13 Pictures

Pic 1: Trapper Mtn (elevation ~10,000 feet) Pic 2: Cutthroat Trout...had it lined up with reel/rod but it flopped away at last second..
The climb up Chief Joseph Pass at dusk...about 3/4 way up the climb


Taz Brown said...

Woohoo! Now you're getting to the awesome stuff!!

ANTH4J said...


none of our comments are showinng up. have you been getting yhen at all some way. we saw our very early coments posted but the last few seem to have disappeared. when we send them we get an okay confirmation. can you tell us what we are doing wrong?


nani andpoppop

Becca said...


Glad things are going so well! Ride on! I wish I could be there cruisin across the country with you. Looking forward to meeting up in VA!