Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 8 (6/30): Halfway, OR --> campground near New Meadows, ID (92 miles)

Days miles: 92

Well, well, well..this is the second time i've written this entry for this lovely day...i was about to "publish" it when computer froze. Anways....gotta type it it'll prob be rushed ...

So yeh...we left Halfway, OR with the day still somewhat young and plunged down into Hell's Canyon. We were settin our sights on clearing the OR/ID state border and puttin as much ground between it and our rumps.

The descent down was pretty great (and hot...of course) but the scenery of canyon walls and the infamous Snake River helped distract my distractable mind towards other surroundsings. We finally reached the Brownlee Dam, which serves as the border crossing area and were greeted on the Idaho side by a forest fire that was somewhat contained...phew!

We chit-chatted with the fire fighters who were monitoring their comrads up on the steeply graded Idaho mountains....a sure stumble would result in a plunge towards...well, a long way down to say the least. STephen and I started our own struggle up, out, and away from the border/Hell's Canyon. It was already mid-day, close to 100 degrees, and we had a 13 mile climb that was at 7% grade. yee-haw, right?

Well, we ended up in a campground way, way, way from the border and ended up running into some other bikers who were finishing in the Pacific. It was good to chat with them folks about their own woes and mountains they had to climb. They gave us good warning about what to expect and some other bikers we might run into.

So yeh...ending the day in a new state...a good deal and one state closer to home.

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