Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 24 (7/17): Boulder, CO --> Limon, CO (134 miles)

Days miles: 134 miles

I spent a good bit of time mulling over maps before leaving the Matzuk's and figured on heading due east for about 50 miles and then cuttin back down south until I collided back into the TransAm trail...I did just that and was in for a long, long day of biking...

It took me a bit of time to find my way out of the city and avoid becoming a target for early rush hour traffic....I eventually made my way out of Boulder and was in a straight shot for the rising sun....the heat was quickly increasing with each mile I rode and each time I glanced back over my should the Rocky Mtns seemed to be gettin smaller and smaller (which was a good indicator i reckon). I suddenly felt as if I were in Kansas already and started beggin to the Plains gods that they should sprout mountains along my path of travel as a means to distract my mind from wandering over such barren and monotonous landscapes.

No luck.

So I peddaled all through the day, took a lunch break to break the heat (no luck there either), and pedaled on and on tryin to get to a town called Limon. I was following a road that ran parrallel with the interstate when I suddenly saw a cop care and a cop woman step out from the drivers side...I scanned through my recent memory to see if I had done any illegal crimes...concluded I, indeed, had not..and approached the cop quite confidently.

"There's a truck accident up ahead and you can't go up this road anymore..."

"So what are my options...cause I really don't feel like backtracking." I told her.

"Just ride on the interstate if you want...I could careless."

So..I did just that...figuring cops know best about everything and I soon found myself on Interstate 90, to the left of the rumble strip, and gettin punched in the face by strong headwinds.

I felt dead when I rolled into Limon and all I wanted was to...not bike.

So..I feel asleep, still holidng onto the possibility that there would be mountains somewhere on the horizon in the morning....

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Loretta said...

How come you didn't mention the riding on the interstate to me? I love you! MWAH!