Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 18 (7/10): Dubois, WY --> outskirts of Lander, WY (85 miles)

Days mileage: 85 miles

A big cloud sat just above the canyon rim through which Stephen and I made our way through, each miles moving us further and further from Dubois. It had been a restful night of sleeping next to the river and sleeping beneath the stars. I was ready to get going mainly to warm up my core body temp seein how it was in the low 50's for the better half of the morning.

The further we got from Dubois the blander the scenery seemed to get. Well, it didn't seem to get that just did with no question about it.

What used to be colorful canyons were now turning into rolling hillsides with desert sand blanketing everything under....the overcast sky.

The terrain was rolling hills and a few scattered towns with very little services provided for that matter.

It was a day where we passed a lot of cyclists who were heading towards the west coast. It had to be between 8-10 folks of varying age and time schedule. We stopped and chatted wtih each one and exchanged information about what the roads of America had in store for the other.

We trudged on as the day was gettin hotter and finally rolled into the town of Lamer by mid-afternoon. Ate food. Bike shop. Talked with Loretta. Rode 9 more miles and called it a day.

Leave it to the deserts of Wyoming to drain one of most motivation towards progressing efforts...

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Lugosi said...

If you pee directly onto the continental divide, Does half of it really end up in the Pacific, and the other half in the Atlantic?