Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some Pictures from Wyoming area (mainly Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and Togwettoo Pass)


MC said...

hey - shared your site with managers from my class and with your second cousin George/NYC who is jealous - he plans to bikexc when he retires- mc

Loretta said...

Michael, you are a cutie pie. Which might explain why so many bears are attracted to you. Mwah!

p.s. recently (thank you mc) I have been made aware that mamahama is not one person (previously it was suspected to be only poppahama) but rather several members of the "hama" family. Hehe. If each mamahama signed their name (or initials) per post loretta/michael (one in the same as u all know) would be able to attribute respective sentiments to the appropriate person. However, this may blow your cover, so this is of course just a suggestion.
sincerest regards,
- Loretta

Pat said...

Ok I am really confused, not by the blogs (which I love!!!) but by my fellow commenters. I am just Pat and not in disguise at all. What is this Mamahama/poppaham business?